Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Web Cam

Ahhhhh I still cant find my camera cord :( I think im going to have to buy a new one from amazon.com which makes me sad because then that takes away polish monies LOL!!!!
Anyways last nite my nails were bare and I was frankening and i came across an old polish a friend gave me. Its called Love My Nails Plum Shimmer (1514) its gorgeous!! I think it would look great under some crackle or even stamped on... in fact as we speak i might just go do my love nail :) which by the way looks awwwwwwwwwwwsome!! I had to add a lil opi serving up sparkle cuz it just didnt pop like i wanted it tooo :)
Ohhhh but one a good note i FINALLY talked the hubby into letting me get nubar reclaim ive been in love with is since i found it!! He was talking about speakers... and speaker wires .... and i threw in there id be done buying for a little bit hes like ahhhhhhh alright LOL!!! :) YAYYYY!!

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