Monday, September 12, 2011


So I love Kandee Johnson and I think it was last week she posted a blog about paper eyelashes you can view it here I was AMAZZZZED at the idea and figured I had to contact the company and see if I could possibly do a review because omg how cute right?!!!!

Well I did and they were incredibly nice and sent me some to try out mind you I totally forgot to buy lash glue im sooo upset at myself but these are just sooo cute I had to show them off!!! What do you guys think?

I so wish I would of had lash glue, but like my aunt racheal said where would you wear these ones too? You could totally wear them with a hunting/sporting event or a halloween costume... these ones would be the more difficult to wear too but there are many you can choose from...

Took from their webpage:

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design.
Intricately cut and delicately pretty, Eyelashes are now available in 11 styles, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture:
Horses: symbolic of success
Peony: for happiness and good fortune
Peach blossom: a symbol of love and romance
Peacock: auspicious and lucky days
Butterfly: free, beautiful and sensitive
Clown: bring the whole happiness
Unique and expressive, Eyelashes come in two sizes: accentuate the corners of your eyes with the smaller lashes for a subtle daytime look, or make a statement with the full lashes for a special occasion.

Check them out yourself @ ...
I would love some kind of princess crown/stars kind of girly but they dont have those yet LOL!!
All around these are super cute!! && I would recommend them to anyone!! They are made from paper and meant for single use only just to keep the best quality of the lashes...

These are available for purchase online or at you local Sephora!!!!;jsessionid=4E5VV3IDVT1DQCV0KRTQX0Q?categoryId=C11091&brandId=6031&view=all

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