Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuff Scent Review

So I was on twitter and always hearing about Tuff Scent polish the name itself was very intriguing.. So I had to check them out!! You can too ( ) Their polish colors are amazing the smells sounded sooooo YUMM!!! I tried to find some swatches online and couldnt find too many so I figured why not ask to try some out? && They were super nice and sent me some polish to try out and review for you guys and plussss you get to see swatches :) Ive added some blogs that Ive found swatches on so you too can see how AMAZING they are!!! The shipping was fast... and in such great packaging so they KNEW it wouldnt break in shipment.. each polish was wrapped in bubble wrap but also the whole box had xtra bubble wrap I was truly amazed at how much they cared about their polish!!! 

Explore && Believe on the PolishAholics
Laughter on Get your beauty on KG
Passion on Nouveau Cheap
Kiss on Polish Fixation
Hope on ShimmerSpark
Dream & Stardust on Got Polish
Guardian Angel on Fab-La-Icious Nails
Loyalty on PolishAholics

I choose Explore just because I RARELY ever see black glitters in polish and on top of that a polish that sparkles && smells that is always a plusssss!! It smells like plumeria which reminds me of my grams candles she used to make such a good memory and everytime I smell my nails I think of her LOL! Corny I know but they truly smell good!! At first a little strong but you get used to it and then its not that bad :)  The Laughter which I also got isnt AS strong but you can still smell it.. It smells like blackberrys Im not really sure what blackberrys smell like LOL but its got a nice smell hehehe! :)

The bottles are soooo cute :) Longer but with super cute lil roses at the top ... the design is great!!! Its kind of weird to hold on too at first since the brush is so long but you get used to if after the first nail or two!! It goes on super nice not thick or chunky def. a recommend!!! Okay Okay enough talking heres the pictures!!!!

I tried to get the best pictures... my camera has been sucking lately and no sun :(
Laughter is gorgeous deep burgendy with a hint of shimmer a great fall shade!! Im looooving this color alot actually!!! And the black glitter is just that black glitter which looks awesome over top sinful colors courtney orange perfect for halloween :) Im gonna use the hubbys camera tonite and try to take a better picture of my nails for you too see!!

If your interested you should totally go to
They have 6 different collections with different scents and colors!
$14 but with FREE SHIPPING!!
Cant beat that :)

I am officially a huge fan!! &&& would def. recommend!!
I seriously want alllllll the collections now!!
                                                           HINT HINT bday present ;)

oxoxo thanks for reading oxoxo


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