Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday Club

So I was reading one of my bloggers blog and stubbled across her thinking about doing a birthday club where each lady on their birthday month gets presents from 11 other girls in the group of course I was thrillllllllllllled but assumed december was probably already taken in my SHOCK it hadnt been and I made it!!!  Soooo of course jumps for joys I was soooo excited I could handle spending 5-10 bucks on a present each month for someone special and in return getting a present from them!! It will reallllly make that birthday girl feel all kinds of love :) which btw im sooooo ready for my bday month to be here already ((december)) YAYYYY! :) Anyways here is some of the other ladies in our group :) special thanks to lacquered me who thought of this WONDERFUL idea :) <3 <3 <3

January (Ninon) - http://www.idrinknailpolish.com/
February ( Bee) - http://www.beepolished.blogspot.com/
March ( Amber) - http://www.rainbowsandsparkles.com
April (Sarah J.) - http://www.facebook.com/luckylacquers
May (Arielle) - http://soccermom5982.blogspot.com/
June (Andrea) - http://addictedtotheallureofbeauty.blogspot.com/
July (Kristal) - http://bullcitybeauty.com/
August (Ashley ) - http://www.followtheyellowpolishroad.blogspot.com
September (Erika) - http://polishfixation.blogspot.com
October (Jodi) - http://captivatingclaws.blogspot.com/
November ( Ju ) - http://lacqueredme.blogspot.com/
December ( ME!!!) - http://prncesssarah02nailloving.blogspot.com/

Oh, and if you are interested on entering in a birthday club. Her friend Mycah wants to have one and they are looking to fill the slots of February, March, October and December (Only US residents). Send an email to contact.lacqueredme@gmail.com if you are interested. It'll start next year.

I will add pictures as presents come ... YAYYYY!!!


  1. Cute Idea! I'm glad you got your spot!

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