Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blurry but prettttty

So i havent posted lately I deeeeeply appologize!
MY camera suckkks and I cant take very good pictures
So ive been using the hubby phone for a camera :)

HOPEFULLLLY for christmas I will get a new camera...
I have a sony cybershot..
what kind do you have??
I was thinking of getting a kodak easyshare
well just because of the :easyshare button:

I used Dr Remedys Silver & Navy

Im pretty much in love with this design!!
Ordered it from



  1. Cute nails! :D I use an old Nikon CoolPix that they don't even make anymore (I think it's an S50). The one great thing about it is it's macro - it captures every tiny detail. I really love Nikon cameras. I'm hoping for a new camera for Christmas too! :D I hope we both get one!