Friday, December 23, 2011

Yay another present

Still got this cough cant shake it ... but ive been taking therma flu (yuckkkkkk) and have been feeling a bit better but it sucksss so when i get presents in the mail it makes my day!!! LOL!!!

I got these super cute bracelets off ebay for 1.00 FREEEE SHIPPING! I love deals :)
the pink one is leopard print!!

Got my christmas card from ninon & kristal :)

&&&& here are my goodies from erika!!

First Eos which is mint yummm loveeee how it feels on my lips!!

My first Barielle: Snow Day which is pretty ironic cuz we alllllllllllll want a snow day here for christmas :)
Icing: GimmeSomeGlitter
Icing: Birthday Beyotch (LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS)
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength : Princess Cut (yayyyy another princess polish)
candy apple antibacterial which i live off of!!!!!
melon scented polish remover pads
ageless perfume which smells gooooood!
dotting tool mooo print nai filer... nail wheels....
some ice cream lip stuff

&&& YUMMMMMMMMMM nugggets!!! I swear these are the best lil gummies!!!!
sour patch def. my favorite tooo

thank you thank you thank you


  1. Um okay you need to tell me the seller you got the bracelets from or what you looked up because I need them NOW.

    And yay for presents! Mine will go out Monday.

  2. I knoooow! I want like everrrry color! LOL! :) this is the seller...

    Yay cant wait hun :)