Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glam Polish Giveaway!!!


OMG so I have to post about this because I know these books were amazing!! Have you read them yet? If you havent you totally should!! I tried going to my library to get them but they were always out but my cousin had them on her kindle. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SHARE YOUR BOOKS ON KINDLE?! I dont have a kindle but I do have the app. on hubbys phone &&&& with windows 7 "on the cloud" you can read them on your computer ... you can only imagine how excited I was!! I was worried though because threw the "borrowing book thing" you only get the books for 14 days.... well yeah i read the first one in 2 days... the second one in about a day... and the third it took me about 4 days because it was the weekend and my kids didnt want me on the computer READDDING... LOL! :) So I only got to read at nite when they were sleeping! LOL!!!! But anyways on to my post....

Shes having a 500 follower giveaway for.....

you guessed it... HUNGER GAMES NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get to pick 6 of your favorite colors...
I <3 foie gras...smoke and ashes.. agro..... riveting ... electrify.... luxe & lush 

what are your favorites?!?!?

Must be a public GFC follower to enter!
There is one prize of six China Glaze Colors from the Capitol nail polishes to be won. Entries Close March 1st 2012, if an the winner has an Australian shipping address I will send the prize myself or if the winner has a shipping address in the Mainland USA I will arrange shipping from a Beauty Supply in the USA I will do my best to provide your first choice in colors but I cannot help it if some colors are out of stock. The China Glaze Colors From The Capitol Collection will be released in March 2012 I hope to send the prize within three weeks after the end of the giveaway, the nail polishes will not be packaged as a box set, I will contact the winning and provide them with tracking information once the prize has been sent.
I am in no way affiliated with China Glaze and they have not endorsed this promotion I will be purchasing this prize myself.
Any questions please contact me glam.polish@yahoo.com.au

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