Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing.. && another bday box

OMGGGG my first twins set!!!! Gabrielle & Troy!!!
California Nails: Yellow
&& some yummm smellies!! 
She said I would love my card && I dooo!!!

 My granny had this in my dads closet she let me have it so i transformed it.... heheh

 this is my birthday month goodies & some extras

 the box is franken stuff && nail art polish in the yellow bin

 3rd drawer full...

 mostly minis.. old polishes.. and misc. nail stuff dotting tools.. stamp plates.. the top part which you cant see has top coats... nail stickers.. and made by friends polish like "sarah smile" "chelsea chelsea bling bling" "chelsea sings the blues" and my crayola polishes

 my daughters collection of polish so far...  SHES 7 this could be bad .... hahaha