Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everbella Crackle

I know alot of people are "over" the crackle, shatter, whatever else companies are calling it now.. but I found a great company!!!!! Take a look at all these possible "Lizard Crack"colors!!! OMG I want them all!!! Look at that bright yellow "lemon" and that hot pink "neon pink" && that green "playful green" sooo fun right?!!!!!!

Well I got BH-O26 (black) as the lizard crack and as a base (YES THEY SEND A BASE COAT) M*K*E #06 a really pretty pink && did I mention they ALSO send a clear top coat too!! Are you sitting down? The price...
$4.99 OMG right?! Thats a lizard crack color... a base coat ... and a top coat..
That is by far the best price!!!! 
The base coat had a stronger smell but thats when I didnt have the windows open when I opened the windows because it was such a beautiful day it wasnt as strong as the days before when I first tried it. (( I tried it on my love nail when we went to florida )) That will be a whole nother' post!!! We had so much fun!!  Anywayssss onto the pictures && a surprise :)~

 This was the gorgeous pink base coat that they send me :)

 Once applied it has a matte finish I actually really liked it matte but I figured Id better try the top coat toooo :)

 Look how much shinier it is!! 

 && of course I had to accent my love nail!! This is from Color Clubs Christmas collection "Cotton Candy" 

I was sent this on review so these are my opinions & how I feel about their company :)

In all honesty... This is probably by far my favorite crackle, shatter, crack polish!! The application is smooth it comes out really nice, it doesnt get clumpy in the bottle its lovely!!! It cracks almost immediately and you can make it do just about any look I found a fun way to apply it off their website go check it out and dont forget to add them!!!!

Now onto the goodies Im having my VERY first giveaway!!!
This is BH-32 it says Neon Pink it looks more light pink but when applied maybe its different..
I SOOOO WANTED to try this but its for one of you lucky people!!! Im loving the base coat they sent too...



                                       Sorry ladies this isnt international, US residents only

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