Thursday, April 5, 2012

I won a Galaxy Tab

So I know alot of you may or may not enter sweepstakes ... giveaways... on the chance you MAY win something.. if you dont.. YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!! Because I am one of those people that are like ehhhh Ill try it, I probably wont win but whatever it takes 2 secs to fill in the information! Name Address Email.. okay done if I win holy shitttttt if i loose whatever right?!?!

Well it just so happens Norton was having a sweepstakes "Norton Protect Your Stuff Sweepstakes" it was for a tab and I figured what the hell ill try it.... && I get this email March 19th:

Congratulations, you have been selected as a weekly winner in the Norton’s Protect Your Stuff Sweepstakes.  You have won:  a Samsung Galaxy® Tab 8.9 with 16GB Memory (“Prize”). The weekly prize has an approximate retail value of $399.

No further action is required from you.  You will receive your prize, at the address you registered within 2-3 weeks.  If we happen to need additional information from you, we will contact you at this email address.

Once again, congratulations, and thank you for participating in the Norton’s Protect Your Stuff Sweepstakes.

 I couldnt believe it... I was on the fence on it being real or not.. but it didnt ask for anything personal no credit card info or anything so i was kinda excited!!!!! So of course I waited week 1 passed... week 2 came and gone and it was week 3 I get a knock at my door my mail lady has a box for me... 


I won a tablet!!!! Its still kinda shocking that I won something SO BIG!


  1. Congratulations!! What do you think of it?


  3. Wow congrats on such an amazing win :)