Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flirty Little Secret

Being a bloom ambassador I got to review Booty Parlors "Flirty Little Secret" its a firming bronzer with loooots of gorgeous glitter!!! &&&& Also has pheromones in it :) On the back of the bottle I have to share because I looooove what it says :)

"Shes a viven. Shes a tempress. Shes a bronze goddess whos gets all the attention."

Although I didnt get any more attention wearing this then any other day? Although I DID get compliments on the bronzeness glitters :) I was in the sun over the weekend so I got more sun then when I first received this so it seemed really dark almost orangie when I applied it so I would more so recommend this on a tanner person rather then really pale. But it is gorgeous!!!! It applies really nice, smells wonderful!!!!

((dunno if this showed the true sparkle glitter it left I need a sunnnny day today was so gloomy))

My girls and I over the weekend (im on the bottom)
<3 <3 <3 
I didnt take a good enough picture of my makeup but I was 
wearing In the Garden by stilla :) I looooove their
eyeshadows!!! Def. very pigmented and gorgeoussssss!!

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