Thursday, August 9, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Hand Blended Mineral Based Cosmetics

((This is information on their company))
Femme Fatale is an independent cosmetics company based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Founded in September 2011, we strive to produce quality hand blended mineral bases cosmetics at affordable prices.
Our products and website listings are inclusive of full ingredients and safety information, and we always encourage costomers to explore ingredients  they may not be familiar with. We do not use Talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, Formaldehyde-releasing preservations or any ingredients which contain Parabens, Both vegan and non-vegan products are available, and we always introduce vegan-friendly shades with every product release.
All of our products are available in a range of sizing to suit a customer's needs. We pack our products by volume, not weight, so please take numbers provided as a basis only.

Eye Shadows *loose only product*
  • Sample (Roughly 1.8 tsp or .20-.40g) $1.10each
  • Mini (3g jar, optional sifter, .70-.90g) $3-3.10 each
  • Full  (5g jar, 1.20-1.50g) $5.75 each
Illuminators & Blushes *loose only product*

  • Sample (Roughly 1.8 tsp or .20-.40g) $1.10 each
  • Full (10g, sifter, 1.50g-2.50g) $8.00 each

Nail Polishes *3 Free Formula*
  • Mini (5ml) $3.75 each
    • We will be offering a larger size when we release our glitter polish
Frost Fire

Shadow Dance


Astral Recall


 with flash


Now this is without a primer.. the pictures do NOT do justice!! These are gorgeous with just the right of sparkle shimmer!!! My favorite would be mysticism or shadow dance!!! I need to order me some more!!
&& best of all SAMPLES are shipped free because she values new customers. 

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