Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Nails

I used Hits Hermes as the HOLO with Candii Polished Autumn Glow (which is now gone but u can buy others HERE)


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For the water marble which is ehhhhhhh I wish it would have turned out better but for try #2 it didnt turn out half bad.. I do like the colors its very thanksgiving LOL!

I used Barielle "Thrilling" (the red) Barielle "Polished Princess" (the green) Barielle "Soul-er Powered" (the yellow) && Essie "Fear or desire" (the orange)

The pictures do kind of make it look bla but in real life Im not gonna lie im pretty much loving them esp when they hit the light with the holo  and the barielle colors all have a soft glitter to them also. I was going to make little turkeys on them but I didnt want to be like everyone else although they are stinking cuteeeee the ones that I have seen! Maybe next year :)


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