Monday, August 19, 2013

banner maker
banner maker

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We are moving into a new house and I was trying to think of what to make for a banner... Thought about doing a birthday banner for the kids for their birthdays.. but dylan being a boy and alexis being a girl the colors would of had to of been black just because...  god forbid theres pink in it or it looks too girly for a boys sign... lol :) if you have kids im sure you totally understand. Anyways I was thinking and thinking and when you go into a "mans" garage theres always banners or beer signs hot girls whatever and I figured I could make him a sign for his dad and brother. Grounded is a car club him and a friend made up when they were wayyy young and its just stuck now its more of in memorial kinda thing not at all a car club. He lost his brother in 99 and his dad in 02 these were their vehicles....... pictures of the challenger (his dads) and the beretta (his brothers)  I am in love how this turned out and when i posted it on facebook via instagram everyone loved it:

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I couldnt keep it a secret ... I wanted too so that he could come home from work and see it hanging but I just had to show him because it was pretty amazing!!! && Just as i thought he loved it!! I cant wait to hang it at the new house!! :)

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