Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints

I got this in the mail today and was honestly almost in tears... its so beautiful it brought me back to Feb 9 2010 the day we got married in Vegas!!!  It was as if I was there getting kissed by my husband as we were announced husband and wife! I was excited for this to come in the mail anxiously awaiting the UPS man since I knew it was coming today.. but words cant explain how overly come with emotion I was when I opened it.. Its beautiful way better then I could have imagined! This is the 16x20 Canvas Print I am amazed at how much I love it. Our skin color looks like washy with our bright orange paint but once we move on the beige wall I know its going to look FANTASTIC!!!!! The "canvas" itself is so soft and attached to a nail perfectly I didn't have to do anything just open it from the box unwrap it from the plastic and hang it up!! VERY SATISFIED!!

the side and the back of it

 Gorgeous!! Once we move and get settled in I will def. be contacting this company again for future canvases what do you think?? Dont forget to check out their websites and maybe put an order in for yourself!!!!! Check out their facebook page for deals!!!!

Canvas - .75" Wrap$44.71$33.53$62.03$46.52$73.46$55.09$89.41$67.06$103.89$77.92$146.42$109.81
Canvas - 1.5" Wrap$58.12$43.59$80.64$60.48$95.50$71.63$116.23$87.17$135.06$101.30$190.35$142.76
Black & White$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25
Sepia Coloring$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25$15.00$11.25
Minor Retouching$30.00$22.50$30.00$22.50$30.00$22.50$30.00$22.50$30.00$22.50$30.00$22.50
Major Retouching$100.00$75.00$100.00$75.00$100.00$75.00$100.00$75.00$100.00$75.00$100.00$75.00

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