Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Job

Sorry Ive been super bad on updating... I recently got a new job and I havent had time for much of anything from coming home getting the kids homework done.. dishes done... laundry washed ohhhh i dont know how you full time mamas do it..  and on top of that trying to have ME time...

But today I actually came home and got stuff done and wasnt dragggggging and wanting to take a nap so I cleaned the house and then sat and sat looking at my polish trying to figure out what polish to use... and as i type my nails are still unpolished because I couldnt decide on a color.. should I do pink.. well what color pink? light pink hot pink ohhh what about coral.. should i use sparkles.. ohhh what about a stamp? Ahhhh the decisions..

But anyways Im loving my new job Im a ParaPro (go here to find out what exactly it is) I decided lunch lady wasnt exactly helping pay the bills.. and plus i am LOVVVING the class room that im in! Its a Special Ed class with Kindergarten to Second grade kids and they are the sweetest kids!!!! Im so glad my friends pushed me to take the test!!!!


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