Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother In Law && Videos

My mother in law has me do her nails ALLLL the time && she wanted me to try the pink crackle that i just bought so here it is under a silver sparkle polish its supppper cute!!!

The sally brand crackle polish brush could be a litttttle bit thicker but over all i like it!! :)

I am patiently waiting for the "okay" of my hubby to buy the china glaze island escape collection... waiting..... waiting.... had me to a review of 30$ worth of product which I got to pick out (YAY) I havent completely reviewed it yet but I like their shatter its only like 5$ i ordered a dark red and it was kinda matte finish but over clear coat it brightened it up some && the blue i ordered looooove it!! :) I also got eye shadow.. lip gloss .. nail art pen thing.. stamper & nail plate.. a bun thing which ive had in my hair all day and NOOO headache.. ive been putting ponys in my hair lately cuz i hate it i need it cut and get such bad headaches from having it in a high pony allll day!! But anyways...
I made a video of my goodies that I got (( dont mind i look like total crap.. i got sun burnt && its my VERY first video )) so alexis decided she had to make one tooo hahah :)

My Goodies (from

Alexis's "review" (she wanted to be like me) :)

&& this one is just ADORABLE!! *alexis again*

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