Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail Stamp Fun

I am in love with my new bottle of Nubar RECLAIM its freaking amazingly gorgeous I almost dont want to use it LOL!!! It applies so nice I didnt even really need a second coat!!! First one not in the sun second is/ You cant really see the beautifulness of it but its because i added serving up sparles on top of it and then the white stamp polish.. So i guess ill have to do a reclaim photo allllll by itself LOL!!! :) Its just LA colors a silver/gun metal color with lacolors white and i honestly dont know what stamp # right off SORRRRRRRRRRRY! Ill get back with u if u really wanna know what # i think its my new fav. stamper!!!


  1. This looks so great! Love the stamp and the polish is amazing!