Friday, September 16, 2011

crazy "polish" job

So im on my facebook looking at friends post and came across this site .. how stinking cute is that!! Matching polish to match your car... I usually do that for car shows just to be cute LOL! But its never a complete match! I would totally buy this if i owned that car!!!!

So i searched "car paint for nail polish" just to see what would come up of course the link above did but i found this OMG im kinda inspired!! I would looooove to do this!! We are always talking about a crazy paint scheme to paint the truck & they always have the 2 tone paint jobs on different sides of the truck this just looks sooo fun!!! It would take foreeeeeeeeeeeever so maybe just a certain part of the vehicle and it would totally have to be covered in an actual clear coat for cars so it would stay youd think? But i had to share cuz i thought this was sooo neat!!

I want to paint my nails sooooo bad but I know as soon as I do they will get messed up... yesterday I sanded a car and it messed it up a little but but tomorrow im supposed to do my mother in laws and she always wants a cute design so ill prolly mess mine up blaaaa :( so im naked and im sad! HAHAH!

well hope yall are having a great TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxo

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