Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holy Birthday Package Ninon!

Yet again another birthday package post and OMG did this girl spoil me!!!

I think she bought everything sour she seen but I will not complain because i LOOOVE sours!
&& Im soooo excited because I have never had nor seen the blue raspberry or the cherry ones!!

&&& shes from Pennsylvania
I think i might have her get me a steelers scarf ohhh how michigan SUCKS and 
doesnt have anything awesome football stuff HAH :)
((yes i know lions are doing better this year))

Anyways on to the holy grail of sparkles!!!!!!

She got me the mini set of nicole tinsel tips which include sparkle my mistletoe, stuck in the chimeny, and kiss me at mignight

wet n wild wild shines : Tipsy on the Bubbly, Im seeing double
china glaze: ick-a-bod-y
china glaze: mummy may i 
spoiled:  shuffle the deck, show me the money
milani: blue flash
funky fingers: sand and stilletos
and a mini sallys girl: pinky sparkle no name

a shea butter lip conditioner & 3 super cute little rings
((all in adorable hello kitty bag))

and 2 wet n wild color icon eye shadows
fly me to the moon and earth looks small down here