Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barielle Review

Its gorgeous my flash makes it more blue but its a beautiful color, fun for easter and spring time!! BUT my mother in law wanted it not so bright so I added OPI pink of hearts shatter!!! Which actually me not being a HUGE fan of that shatter actually I liked it. The colors blended so well together.

It took about 3 coats to cover but for a white.. I actually love this.. I think it would be amazing with some stamps or even used to stamp with!!! 

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!! Its a very pretty blue but when the sun hits it and it shows off the orange flake its seriously gorgeous!!! Probably one of my favorites!!!

Im not going to lie.. I totally bought this one just for the name!!!! My name means princess so pretty much anything princess related I HAVE to have my hands on it :) hehe!!! And I dont know what it is but lately Ive had a love for green polishes!!! It took me a little while to come to love this since its such a different green then im used too! But it def. grew on me & Im sooo glad I got it!!!

If you like pinks this is A MUST for your collection!!! I have ALOT of pinks and this is im not going to lie probably my FAV. and that says alot!! Its a perfect shade of pink not to bright and not to blaa. LOL!! 

My daughter loves polish and she got to pick this one out all by herself!!!! Shes did a youtube video when she got home from school :)

My next buy will def. be their hand strengthener cream!! I have issues with peeling nails and I hate it, sometimes my nails are pretty, others its like ahhhhh.. LOL! But I guess this has been one of their number one items for years!! So that will be on my TO GET LIST :)

I received these on a review and this is based solely on my opinion..
The first photo with name and detail is from Barielles website

I got this as a birthday present my first ever Barielle and since I was reviewing I figured Id add this in here too!! It was a prefect fit since we had our FIRST snow day.. that actually held!! And then rain came and washed it all away ;'(  I like this color, its not one of my favorites but its a pretty shade of blueish grey!!

This is an amazing company that I would highly recommend you to check out :)

&& add them on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/barielle

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