Friday, January 20, 2012

Ohh color club how I love you...

So tomorrow nite we have bowling and then a tournament for bowling I figured id try to be cute so Im wearing my leopard print shirt.... and this is a before picture of my nails im going to stamp them tonite once the kids go to bed!! :) Dont worry Ill add that picture too.... BUT here are they right now...

OHHHH and dont make fun of my toes.. I know they are uggggggggggly but I wanted to show off my essie polishes (pink diamond & a cut above) bad lighting I know.. SORRY!!!

This is gingerbread from color club without the flash again in the bathroom with my bad lighting... 

Without Flash in my bedroom.. OMG my bedroom lighting is beautiful to my nails haha

I had to cover up part of the flash so you could reallllly see the Ahhhhhh <angels singing here>
pretty ness!!

I cant wait to stamp the black overtop its going to be gorgeous at least in my head its going to be gorgeous hahha! Crosses fingers Ill show you later if it turns out as planned!!!!!

OMG Im in love with my nails it turned out PERFECT just as I had planned.. Im going to show a picture of a YES I KNOW I NEED TO CLEAN UP but i had to show off before i get to bed im sooo tired!!!

Stamp M78