Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SpectraFlair A MUST SEE!

If you want to purchase your own spectraflair
Contact Lori (info below):

The Spectraflair SF14 and SF35 are both $10.00 per gram.
Shipping is included for U.S. orders.
 International orders are $5.00 shipping charge PER ORDER.
Make payment to my paypal account at msindent@comcast.net.
Please use the "gift" option so I don't get charged a fee.
 Please also include your name and address in the memo/comments section of your paypal payment.

Courtney Orange With SpectraFlair & Courtney Orange NORMAL!

I cant wait for a good sunny day to show this off... too bad its been dreary & rainy.. with the
occasional snow fall... i cant believe its the middle of january and we havent had a good enough day to go sledding .. not that im reallllly complaining because getting up and taking alexis to the bus stop has been sooo  nice ... LOL!!!!!

thanks again lori! <3 it!!
I now need a blue & pink!!!!!!


  1. How much of your gram did you use in this bottle? I wish stuff like this could be easier to find..but then I guess it wouldn't be so special!

  2. Im not sure how much she used I had her make this for me so it came already pretty!! LOL!! I think before she said one gram can make 3-4 polishes?? email her shes really awesome shell let you know