Sunday, April 29, 2012

Essence Spring/Summer 2012 Review

EEEKKKKK dont look at my brows.. didnt realize they were that bad til AFTER I took this picture hahaha!!

Anyways I am in LOOOVE with this eyeshadow!! Its def. a MUST buy!!! It stays on ALLLL day with no need to reapply or fix up!! Perfect buy at 2.99 I want them all!! :)

The lip gloss again perfection I love it! Not sticky not yucky feeling on your lips and its perfect the shade I got was "My Favorite Milkshake" it just added a soft pink glow to my lips LOOOOOVELY!!! In fact my 7 year old daughter always asks to use it LOL!!!

&& then to top off the look I got "Get Big" Lash Mascara!! No complaints again a great mascara!!!! Stays on, goes on nice not chunky! 

All in all I loooooooooooove the Essence I was sent to review.. do you like Essence? Whats your favorite product?!

For my polish lovers they have 10 new shades 
essence colour & go quick drying nail polish
-nude it!
-modern momance
-a glamorous life
-a lovely secret
-walk on air
-gleam in blue
- wanna be your suns
-high spirits
-luxury secret
-black is back


  1. Sounds great with new nail Polish colors, Im looking very much forward to see Them:-)