Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cinderella Day

So my daughter had a Cinderella play field trip today at one of our high schools so of course the "Princess" that she is we had to do her up all cinderella and paint her nails cinderella (sinful colors) so I did mine also with the love nail color club what a drag with some movie star (glitter verity) and of course had to top it off with the mouse sticker!!! Her nails are much to small because she bites them so I couldnt do anything special to them <tear>

My mom who is amazing!! Made all the girls clippys of cinderella for their hair and the teacher bought roses to pin on their shirts as boutineres (totally mispelled that word) Anywaysssss

here is my little princess right before school YES IN MY BATHROOM! LOL!

shes such a ham && loves pictures taking!! :)
Hope you enjoy sorry its not a normal "nail polish post" but this was my day today!! 


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