Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too faced Cosmetics

I entered in their giveaway for an amazing lipgloss called Chihuahua Bite
Sheer Strawberry

And I also received as a BONUS another color of   

This is Pretty!

Neutral Rose

I was soo excited to picked because I think there were only 25 winners!!! So that was a HUGE win!!! Thanks to my friend andrea who was like heyyy did you do this giveaway?! HEHE! This is totally based on MY opinion of these products!!!

First off when you first put them on they smell almost like a vanilla cupcake they smell amazzzzzing!! But once on the tingly starts to kick in and then the mintyness of the gloss takes over OMG Ive never experienced anything like that on my lips before I love mint and I loooove tingly but this is by far the besssst!!! If you dont own any yet and you like the tingly BUY IT NOW!!!
I listed above their website and their sites you should go like them! They have another amazing giveaway for Mothers Day go check it out on their facebook!!!!

On to pictures :)

This is pretty is on the bottom and chihuahua bite is on top 

What do you think?!!?


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