Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sundari Hair Treatment

Rejuvenate and protect your hair with this therapeutic treatment oil. Sundari Neem and Coconut Hair Treatment Oil strengthens hair shafts and protects hair from heat styling. Prevents hair loss and is great for sensitive scalps with its anti-inflammatory effect. Soothing and highly moisturizing, this hair treatment is wonderfully fragrant and great for all hair and skin types. Sundari products are formulated primarily with organic ingredients. All are dermatologist tested (never on animals), and use therapeutic grade essential oils.
Who It’s For: Suitable for all hair and skin types.
How It Works:
  • Neem leaf extract contains sulfur, which is essential for building strong collagen layers. This strengthens skin and adds tone and volume to facial contours.
  • Coconut oil is a natural moisturizing factor (NMFs). This means that it not only helps skin retain adequate moisture levels, it also binds with the skin’s natural lipid layer to improve its texture and feel.
  • Rose oil and Lavadin oil combine for a light, pleasing fragrance.
Suggested Use: Before bathing, apply a generous amount to hair and scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing. For maximum benefit, leave on overnight.

I used this and omg the smell is so good its a bit strong but I love strong smelling stuff in my hair because that way I know my hair is actually going to smell good!!!! I washed my hair with my normal shampoo ((pantene)) and it seemed to be a bit greasy at first but once it dried COMPLETELY i loved it!! My hair felt so soft and smooth and the shine it had was amazing!! Def. recommend this to everyone :)

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