Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T'eez Me


For a salon perfect blowout at home, try T’eez Bounce Me Styling Cream. This carefully crafted formula keeps your hair free from frizz and flyaways. Plus, it really adds volume where you need it most – at the roots. Versatile enough for curly, wavy, or straight styles, this super styler works equally well with short or long locks.
Who It’s For: Recommended for all hair types.
How It Works:
  • Avocado oil is a rich conditioner that moisturizes hair and scalp.
  • Sweet almond oil is an intense emollient that hydrates hair and locks in moisture.
  • Safflower oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and hydrate hair.
  • Wheat germ oil is a rich emollient to help maintain adequate levels of hydration and is also a powerful antioxidant to protect skin from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Beeswax is a strong, all-natural hair fixative.
Suggested Use: Apply to roots and work through hair to ends. Do not rinse out. Blow dry and style as desired.

Build a strong foundation of volume and control with T’eez Build Me Volume Spray. Designed to build incredible volume at the roots and keep your hair looking salon-fresh all day, this lightweight, non-tacky spray is great for all hair types and contains natural plant extracts to keep your hair healthy, beautiful, and in control.
Who It’s For: Ideal for all hair types. For anyone who needs control and volume.
How It Works:
  • Kelp softens the hair shaft, which gives hair a smooth appearance and a natural shine.
  • Rosemary encourages the growth of hair and adds volume and glossiness to hair.
  • Hops condition scalp and hair and have mild astringent properties.
  • Honey contains amino acids, peptides, and vitamins that calm and heal scalp itchiness. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce irritation.
Suggested Use: Spray liberally on damp hair at the roots. Do not rinse. Style as desired.

My opinion on these OMG buy them!! LOL! They both smell amazing were some sprays or hair "lotions" as I call them mix with your shampoo and leave your hair a weird smell this stuff is YUMMY!! Its got a fruity smell almost watermelonish... I dont know but its a really good smell!!! :) I dont have curly hair but its said to work on both types of hair... The bounce me style cream is meant more for curly hair but can work on all hair types its helped keep my curls in so Im not complaining because usually with this hot weather my hair curls for a min and its flattttt 2 mins later!!! One of the other bloom ambassadors mentioned using it and putting her hair in a bun and it left her with a nice beachy curl.. thats my next "to try" because like I said usually my hair goes super flat!!! Its meant to stay straiiiigggghhhttt hahah! :) As for the volume spray OMG smells great..  and works AMAZZZZZZING! My hair went from blaaa to BIG after I blow dried it and it actually stayed full of volume .. my hair is on the thick side so using this really made my hair feel nice not heavy.. and best of all it adds a little shine to your hair too!!! It doesnt leave it sticky, even when you run your hair through your fingers you dont have any residue on your hands and your hands dont even feel sticky!!!


Go check it out!! :)

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