Monday, October 21, 2013

Finders Key Purse

I found the cutest accessory for your purse!!! Do you ever have to hunt down your keys in your huge mom purse? Come to find your keys are at the very bottom of your purse after having to take EVERYTHING out first...  this has happened to me soooo many times and then I bought a HUGE clip to attach to my purse obviously its not the most flattering thing but it works... BUT these are wayyyy stinking cute and it can match any personality :)

 This is what my purse looks like with my HUGEEE unflattering clip ----->

Obviously not the prettiest thing but it does its job..

Go tooo :

Any of these website and check out their products....

Which do you like better the cute little key or the ugly purple thing?! LOL! I am so loving this lil guy I want to order the crown too! Just because well duhh my name means princess LOL! :) But no really these are adorable and you can totally buy them to match whatever occasion or style that your into that week or month.. Is it basketball season? or its football season go with this? Plenty to match your needs!!! 

It just attaches to your keys and hooks right onto your purse.. 

Dont forget add these on your social media sites and dont forget to check out their webpage!!!

If you like the key finder as much as I did you can purchase it here :

((Based on my opinion, this was sent as a review product def give it an A++++ and recommend to all purse wearers)) 

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  1. awe ! how cool! excellent idea!!