Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scruples "CRIMSON"

I am in looooove with red hair - I usually just dye it with john friedas deep cherry brown, or color silks burgendy which are both gorgeous regardless but my friend sherry made her own mixture of a chocolate cherry and another red which i honestly cant remember thats the top color... and then she "ombred" it her way with the crimson color! I am in LOOOOOOOOVE!  Best dye job ive ever had and i think im going to keep this crimson foreverrrrrr! Scruples has some gorgeous colors period i would totally love to experiment with all of them....

Check out their facebook pages :
Salon Pizazz is where she works so if you want your hair done by her call there and ask for Sherry <3
(in port huron michigan)

and of course like the hair color page and check out other colors they have that might be your new favorite color "love"

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