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SinfulColors Crystal Crushes & Leather Luxe

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Lustrous Leather Looks that Lure for Fall

Tease, taunt and turn heads this fall with the SinfulColors Leather Luxe Collection. A texture rich, trend-setting collection of stylish matte finish nail polish shades which are richly pigmented to provide a flirtatious way to flaunt your style.  The Leather Luxe Collection features eight weather-warming shades with leather-inspired finishes. The best part: they come in every popular base color so there's a 
leather-icious look for everyone.   

         Laced Upenthralling orange                   Leather Loosesafari sinful brown 
         Whipped: beguiling black                          Get It On: bravely berry
         Strappedscintillating seafoam                 My Turnstunning steel
                                     Cold Leather: enchanting night sky             

Cold Leather & Get It On is what I have as you can see from the picture above. Im not sure if im honestly a fan of the redish color I think if its stamped with something it will be gorgeous which Im going to play around with since I got a new camera & the blue is lovely perfect matte finish!!! 
SinfulColors Leather Luxe, $1.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013.

A Daring Way to Dazzle for Fall

Sparkle and glimmer this fall with SinfulColors shade collection: Crystal Crushes.
It is a brilliant collection of gem-inspired nail polish shades with multifaceted 3D texture. Gorgeous matte colors flecked with a reflective pearl finish sure to dazzle your digits and make your heart skip a beat.  The Crystal Crushes collection features eight vivid shades sprinkled with an angel dust finish.  The colorful trend shades you love from SinfulColors!

       Got a Blush on You: flirty fuchsia               Blue Persuasion: sapphire-d up!
       Orange Crush: twinkling tangerine             Treasure Chest: sea worthy bling
       Emerald Envy: a glint of green                    Purple Gleam: glistening lavender
       Ruby Mine: ravishing red                             Face the Facets: banana bling

SinfulColors Crystal Crushes, $2.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013.

Ruby Mine & Got a Blush on You is what I picked and they are very gorgeous!! My camera is kinda crappy so Ill have to take new pictures of them! Im super excited because I got a new camera for christmas *which i got early* so they will be up asap!

Love these new shades I def. want them ALL esp. laced up and strapped from the luxe collection and pretty much all of the crystal crushes. I like that they are rough on your nails but not too rough that its annoying... but the sparkle is gorgeousssss! I really need the yellow face the facets for the Steelers <3 
Go check out their facebook and twitter pages and dont forget go to a walgreens near you!!!!!

Twitter:  @SinfulColors_NP
Facebook:       Sinfulcolors Professional

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